In January of 2014, after generating over 250,000 insurance leads and $3.6m I quit my job as an insurance affiliate to focus on helping agents avoid this one serious problem that's plaguing and disrupting the entire industry...


I probably don't even have to tell you the value has long been stripped away from purchasing leads. But do you know why? If you'd like to know, read on...

Here are 3 reasons you should stay away from buying insurance leads

1.) Margins & Advertising Platforms: For those selling leads (lead aggregators) margins have slipped to near non-existent levels on most acquisition forms (paid search, display advertising) This means that while they could generate 5,000 leads per month - they'd be at, near or slightly below break-even without higher fill rates. This makes sense, right? If in 2004 acquisition costs were $6/lead and you could sell it to 3 agents for $8/each - that's a 300% profit. Cut to 2014 and acquisition costs are closer to $14 - $18. They can't just raise lead prices, and they certainly can't guarantee the fill rate will be 3 agents or more - so they're stuck. 

2.) Lead Quality: Affiliate fraud is rampant. You think bogus leads are bad? Try incentivized leads from a foreign affiliate that decides it's a cool idea to offer Farmville points in exchange for quotes that are filled out! Ever try closing a lead from Kathy McFacebook that just wants her corn field to grow so she can feel better about wasting all of her time playing a game on a social network? Now imagine paying $6 - $10 for that - 25 times per month! This is just the tip of the iceberg. Remember, I've been on the affiliate side for over 12 years. Just because I took the ethical way out doesn't mean everyone else did. The fact of the matter is this, if an affiliate is doing HUGE volume, he's up to something and quality always tells the story on the back end - same thing with the lead aggregators. If you started getting more leads coming in, I can almost guarantee the percentage of garbage leads started taking over the good leads.

Tell me you haven't been burned by a lead and I'll say you're in the minority!

3.) Oversold: This has never changed, leads have always been oversold. As I explained above regarding fill rates, it just makes financial sense to blast a lead out to as many agents as possible. Ethical? No, but that's the reality - the lead you buy usually gets sold to you and a few other agents then flipped over to another lead aggregator who buys stale leads cheaply and redistributes them! Blame that on greed, because even when margins were high (2004 - 2008) leads were still being sent out to 4 - 5 (even 8 in some instances!) agents in a specific radius. The problem now is the bad quality is overtaking the good quality and there's nothing YOU or anyone else can do about it!

It's time you started driving insurance leads yourself, right this very minute. No more relying on marketing companies with empty promises that claim to do it for you. No, you need to use the computer that's in front of you now and step up to the challenge. 

Let me show you how...

3 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Buy Leads Again